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Bequia is the much cooler, less bling more swing, island to Mustique. For Bequia Villa Rentals and Hotels, we've got the scoop on which places to stay in, what to see and what to do in Bequia.  Bob Dylan christened his sailboat Water Pearl in Bequia. She was a traditional ‪Bequia ‬boat, having been built on the beach of this small island in the northern Grenadines in the late ’70s.

Take a Villas on Bequia. It's one of the best islands to holiday on or live in the world. Bequia has stunning holiday beaches and great places to eat and be entertained. It is just seven square miles (easy enough to walk around) and with a population of about 5,000, Bequia stands as a reminder of how the Caribbean was 50 years ago, when only a few visitors ventured this far. Food and drink supplies here are fantastic as the island caters to super yachts and has done for many years. 

There are two spa's here to visit and relax those muscles after last night’s steel band boogie in the sand. Or you can have a holiday message therapist visit you at home. A range of spa treatments are available including Swedish Massage from US$60; Sports Deep Tissue Massage from US$70; Facials from US$90; Jetlag Eliminator from US$210, Homeopathy, Reflexology and regular Yoga classes.

Holidays in Bequia are down to earth and offer passionate travelers raw beauty combined with easy access to the local community life in a safe environment. The beaches and coral reefs here are some of the most pristine and most beautiful in the world. 

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Bequia, “one of the World’s best secret islands” – British Airways Highlife

A stunning green paradise, she is the second largest of the Grenadines. Admiralty Bay is a favorite anchorage for yacht owners. Approximately 4,500 people live here - an intriguing mix of native Bequians from African, Scottish, Irish, French, Indian and Carib descent and more recent settlers from Europe, America and Canada who have chosen to make Bequia their home. The island is influenced by a strong historic attachment to the sea and today's fishermen, sailors and boat-builders are quietly proud to share their marine traditions with newcomers to the island.

Holidays in Bequia are the epitome of barefoot luxury in an out-of-the-way secluded tropical island. This Grenadine island has an atmosphere so unique one cannot quite pin down what it actually is about Bequia that makes so many fall in love instantly.

Quiet, relaxed, relatively undeveloped, yet enough to do for weeks on end and small enough to walk everywhere.

An island so rich in artistic heritage, as Bequia attracts creatives in their droves. Amble from beach to gallery, visit sculptors, silk screen printers, a pottery studio, wooden boat & scrim shaw knife studios, museums.

The MUSIC SCENE is incredibly VIBRANT with resident rock and blues, steel pan bands, folk, soca & reggae Many an undercover super star retreat to Bequia to write & escape publicity. 


Bequia Yacht Club

Bequia is friendly, relatively undeveloped, with fresh fish, peaceful beaches, breathtaking scenery and beautiful properties and hotels to stay in. Bequia lives up to all the Caribbean promises of charming architecture, quaint little ports, original rum bars, colonial relics, ancient boat building traditions and really gentle friendly people.

Along the southern edge of Admiralty Bay are several wonderful white sand beaches fringed with palm trees. Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay can be reached either by sea (hire a water taxi) or by land. Snorkelling is worthwhile at these two spots. Farther down the southern edge of the Bay is Moon Hole, a collection of private homes built into the rocks of the island.

Outdoor eco adventurers will find much to do on the neighboring volcanic island of St. Vincent. Mustique is only 11 miles away. Canouan and even Union Island can be seen from the point on a clear day. Each day, trips depart from Bequia for sailing, snorkelling and cruising the areas around the island and to the Grenadines.

The evenings are lively on the waterfront where a jazz or rock and roll band plays at the Auberge, sports matches are shown at the sports and entertainment bar, teams of young tourists listen to old school reggae at authentic rum bars and music shops while their parents enjoy the sunset green flash  at Marias French Terrace or the original Frangipani Hotel.

Bequia attracts a highly educated, sophisticated and more often than not artistic crowd. Many of our clients are designers, photographers, gardeners and film directors. Bequia is no. 1 UK music artist La Roux's favorite island. M.I.A. is also a devoted Bequia lover. The locals, master boat builders, once fashioned a beautiful wooden schooner for Bob Dylan, which mysteriously sank in the Panama Canal. Dustin Hoffman is said to have learnt to water-ski here unrecognised.

"You are among friends"

Bequia Island Hotels

Bequia Beach Hotel

Featured Villa: Ophelia

Ophelia - Beachfront Villa for rent on Bequia with pool and 4 bedrooms (v)

Featured Villa: Ravenala Dream

Ravenala Dream - 3 bed | 3 bath | infinity pool | west coast villa | set in the forests of the Belles Estate. (v)

Featured Villa: Letovah

Letovah - 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, stunning harbour views, infinity plunge pool, den, sunset and sunrise views. (v)

Bequia's Luxury Grenadines Villa Rental, Villa Sales & New Development agent.

Bequia is a home away from home for several hundred expats and a community of educated, kind and hard working indigenous people.

The island has a doctor's clinic and a small hospital equipped for minor operations. Twenty minutes by sea ambulance on the mainland Kingstown Hospital has trauma capacity for 30 males and 29 females with a total of 211 beds. The hospital has x-ray facilities, there is a CAT scan at the Caribbean Medical Imaging Center in Kingstown (not part of the hospital). A diagnostic laboratory and blood bank are available, but there are no hyperbaric chamber or dialysis facilities. Ambulance service in St. Vincent is quick and response in the Emergency room is immediate. Ambulance crews are allowed to perform CPR and basic life support services. The facility has a staff of 24 physicians and surgeons of almost all specialties..

The island provides for a full, fun and safe life in the tropics and is written about regularly by its residents and journalists who travel the world and choose Bequia as one of their favourite places in the world. The island must be experienced, it is quite simply one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Bequia Villas

Book your Grenadines Bequia Villa, Spa Treatments and Gourmet Chefs with peace of mind. Your Luxury Bequia vacation villa rental could be a secluded, luxury ocean view villa within walking distance to a spa and restaurants, a luxury villa with private tennis and basket ball courts, a romantic Bali style ocean view honeymoon villa or a magnificent example of avant garde architecture. All our villas are checked and professionally prepared by Bequia Villa Management.  

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Book your boat charter in Bequia with Grenadine Escape, the Grenadines leading private yacht brokers. Use our extensive knowledge of the boats cruising areas and yacht crews in Bequia, the Grenadines, the BVIs, Antigua the Bahamas and beyond.With over forty combined years experience living on/sailing around Bequia, the Grenadines, Antigua and St. Lucia, working in the yachting industry, we have brokers on both sides of the Atlantic and representation worldwide.

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Our office on Bequia offers a selection of prime investment land, beachfront luxury homes, both pre-construction and established projects. We are dedicated to making people's lives easier and work relentlessly to deliver the results you need. 


News stories

Telegraph Travel

Bequia: is this the perfect Caribbean island?

After years of research, Fred Mawer believes he has finally found the perfect Caribbean island. Here he explains his choice.

Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest 2014: “The Best Ever!”

MINISTER OF TOURISM, Sports and Culture the Hon. Cecil McKie enjoyed a full weekend of musical entertainment when he visited Bequia for the Bequia Tourism Association’s 10th anniversary Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest, Friday 25th January.

Events on the Island

Bequia Events

Bequia's Easter Regatta is a famous four-day affair that draws visitors from around the Caribbean. Yacht races and local boat races content with shore activities and socializing for the visitors' attention.

Bequia Carnival is usually scheduled for the end of June. Email us for more information. St Vincent's carnival, called Vincy Mas, features a 12-day run of calypso and steel band music, colourful costume parades and lots of dancing.

Held in February sharing the Mustique Jazz Festival vibes and bringing in high profile jazz and blues performers. During Bequia's music festival in February this year Rosemary Philips and Two Guitars recently returned from the 1st edition of the Bequia Music Festival where they performed and created a real storm.

Last weekend in January
including Mustique Blues Festival

Access to the Islands

Just a short flight away, stunning anchorages everywhere.   Find out more about access to the islands here...

Fast Facts

Banks-- Most banks are open Monday to Thursday from 8am to either 1 or 3pm, and Friday from either 8am to 5pm or 8am to 1pm and 3 to 5pm. Credit cards are widely accepted in the Grenadines but US/EC cash is useful in case you like souvenirs or rum shops! There are two ATM machines in the harbour. RBTT is the largest bank in town easy to find opposite the main jetty. Banks close early and are not open weekends

Currency-- The official currency of Bequia is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$), pegged at about $2.70 per U.S. dollar (EC$1 = US37¢). Unless otherwise specified, rates in this chapter are quoted in U.S. dollars. Most restaurants, shops, and hotels will accept payment in U.S. dollars or traveler's checks.

Documents-- British, Canadian, and U.S. citizens should have a passport and a return or ongoing airplane ticket. A birth certificate with a raised seal is often accepted with a photo ID, but we always recommend traveling with your passport overseas. The customs offices for air arrivals in Bequia airport will check for your passports and tickets home and they usually have a look through your luggage to check you are not bringing in any new electrical goods (hindering profits of local business.) Sea port customs offices are in Port Elizabeth in an air conditioned yellow building directly opposite the ferry port.

Electricity-- Electricity is 220-volt AC (50 cycles), so if you're traveling with U.S. appliances, you'll need an adapter and a transformer. Some hotels have transformers, but it's best to bring your own.

Emergencies-- In an emergency, dial tel. 999 or 911.

Hospitals-- There is one small hospital on Bequia and one on St. Vincent in Kingstown: Milton Cato Memorial General Hospital (tel. 784/456-1185)

Language-- English is the official language.

Liquor Laws-- Liquor can be sold on any day of the week. It's legal to have an open container on the beach as long as you don't get rowdy or litter.

Pharmacies-- On St. Vincent, try The People's Pharmacy, Greenville Street, Kingstown (tel. 784/456-1170), open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm. There are a few other drugstores in Kingstown as well.

Post Office-- The General Post Office, on Halifax Street in Kingstown (tel. 784/456-1111), is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:15pm and Saturday from 8 to 11:30am. There are smaller post offices in 56 districts throughout the country, including offices on the Grenadine islands of Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, and Union Island.

Safety-- St. Vincent and its neighboring islands of The Grenadines are quite safe. Even in Kingstown, the capital of St. Vincent, chances are you'll encounter little serious crime. However, take the usual precautions and never leave valuables unguarded.

Taxes & Service Charges-- The government imposes an airport departure tax of EC$100 (US$29) per person. A 10% government occupancy tax is charged for all hotel accommodations. Hotels and restaurants almost always add a 10% to 15% service charge. Ask whether or not it's included in the initial hotel rates you're quoted. If it's not already added at a restaurant, tip at that rate.

Telephone-- To call Bequia from the United States, dial 1, then 784 (the area code for St. Vincent) and the local seven-digit number. Once on St. Vincent, you can access AT&T Direct at tel. 800/225-5288. To reach MCI, dial tel. 800/888-8000. Tri-ban mobile phones work on Bequia so you can easily keep contact by cell phone.

Internet-- There are several internet cafes on the island. Almost all are in the harbour, Port Elizabeth. Wireless internet connection is available at the Surf and Send internet office next to the Gingerbread Hotel offices. They have’Junior’ onsite for technical problems, 7 connected computers, printer, fax and a desk for those with airport capabilities on their laptops. Cake and tea next door at the favourite Gingerbread bakery!

Time-- Bequia operates on Atlantic Standard Time year-round: When it's 6am on St. Vincent, it's 5am in New York. During daylight saving time in the United States, St. Vincent keeps the same time as the U.S. East Coast.

Water-- In Bequia stick to bottled water. There is no government water supply on Bequia. Rainwater is collected from the roof and stored in tanks on which the house is built. During the dry season (January to June), there is little rain, and water must be used carefully and sparingly.

Weather-- The climate of St. Vincent and The Grenadines is pleasantly cooled by the trade winds year-round. The tropical temperature is in the 78°F to 82°F (26°C-28°C) range. The rainy season is July to October.

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